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Tax Advisory

Have you ever wondered what strategies you should have implemented to minimise that large year end tax bill?

If so, then it is important that you speak to us about how tax planning can be used as an essential tool in addressing the ongoing issues that can impact your overall tax position.

Our tax advisory services cover a wide range of areas from retirement planning to advice on structuring a new business. We can also provide tax advice on a specific area of the law if need be.

Some examples of the areas we have advised clients on are as follows:

  • Use of the small business capital gains tax concessions to eliminate or reduce the capital gain on the sale of a business.
  • Structuring the payment of dividends over a number of years from a private company to its shareholders in the most tax effective manner.
  • Maximising superannuation contributions through salary sacrifice and personal contributions to benefit from the concessional tax rate in a superannuation fund.
  • Commencing a pension from a superannuation fund to again benefit from concessional tax rates.
  • Considering the tax implications of a client moving overseas or returning to Australia, including the impact on the status of a self managed superannuation fund.
  • Use of the most appropriate structure or entity to commence or restructure a business. We have also provided similar advice for clients who hold investments. The structure or entity in question will depend on each client’s particular circumstances, but has in the past included the use of companies, unit trusts, family trusts, partnerships and associateships.
  • Transferring or contributing assets acquired from an inheritance to a self managed superannuation fund or family trust for tax planning purposes, whilst minimising the capital gains tax exposure on any transfer.
  • Minimising capital gains tax implications as a result of a marriage breakdown. In some cases, this has led to work on restructuring self managed superannuation funds.

We also offer clients the opportunity to discuss any year end planning issues prior to 30 June each year.

For all companies and trusts that we assist clients in establishing, the preparation of the legal documentation is undertaken by Cleardocs, who are backed by Maddocks, a top 20 Australian legal firm. We have chosen to partner with Cleardocs due to their clear documentation and extremely quick turnaround (the legal documentation is usually delivered to our office within 2 business days).

We also attend to the preparation of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and Australian Taxation Office (ATO) registration documents for each new entity.